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Mystery Superhero Squad Clothing Apparel is for all of us perfectly brave characters and fans alike, fascinated with the supernatural, heroic true stories that happen throughout our planet...
Wait to read and see the mysteriously bizarre drawings and tales come to life, filled with personal supernatural true life stories that have been wowing both skeptics and believers for years.
Be mesmerized with personal true stories varying from Mystery Queen's accidental overdose that caused a near death experience and miracle resurrection, as a child saving a baby boy's life from drowning in a pool, and three exorcisms that introduced and mystified the holiest of spirituality.. including alien life forms, ancient leaders, and the almighty Messiah Jesus Christ himself!
These perfect personally collected memoirs are now being told in an illustrated Mystery Superhero Squad comic book, based on both science fiction and supernatural true life events...
From starting, Mystery Queen's compelling supernatural true stories had fans come from around the world in an unbelievably short amount of time, waiting for more. Join in and get your Mystery Superhero Squad clothing apparel, and be a part of the club filled with supernatural phenomena and the perfect coming!