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About Superhero Squad

First Time Ever - Real Life Superheroes, Introduction to New Cast of Characters!

Mystery Queen was born in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, she attended the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (C.C.D.), where she had both Communion and Confirmation, in addition to attending their religious education program. Her family served in the military, and met a former U.S. President.

As a young girl, her first vision was in elementary school, of what are now known as special aircrafts for the military. Several years later, she completed a house made out of printer paper, that was a replica of Bin Laden’s compound, where he was caught following the 911 attack. Her visions, predictions, dreams, intuition, and sensitivity to energies always intensified over the years.

As a child, there were moments when she was there for others when they were not able to help themselves.  One particular incident was during her adolescence, when she was swimming in a community pool.  Upon walking up the stairs, she noticed a baby boy drowning on the staircase.  She immediately picked up the infant in his diaper, and brought him back to his mother before he drowned.

Later on, following the 911 attack, she was on an airplane where a gentleman was in distress. His wife had passed away alongside him on the plane, and Mystery Queen felt compelled to walk towards the husband. She blessed the grieving man with her baby blue Rosary.

As a teenager, she was honored to be a speaker at a family wedding, that was held in her church. Afterwards, Mystery Queen’s Godson was born, and her Uncle and Aunt asked her to be his Godmother. She happily obliged.

Beyond these unbelievable incidences, there was a specific occasion that was both miraculous and eternally life changing.  Before graduating high school, Mystery Queen had an accidental overdose, and died that night at around 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m. Midnight. Without people being there at the time to save her, in God's hands, she came back to life the next morning at around 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m.

Those moments are the most indescribably, unexplainable nanoseconds that any human soul will ever experience. It was the most traumatic time of her entire life.

During the years, both as a child and adult, witnesses experience what Mystery Queen oftentimes cannot explain herself.  The accounts of Mystery Queen's unexplained occurrences are both perplexing and baffling, but nonetheless astonishing.

Her abilities before this incidence were in perfect timing, yet, after this unique and life changing event, Mystery Queen’s gifts had only magnified. She has heard one of her spirit guides, the most influential, Jesus Christ, screaming her name, “Janine!!!” …almost as if he was yelling in a microphone while sitting in front of her, just trying to get her attention. She finally understood the reason why he chose to be spiritually with her and “in her”…

What began as Mystery Queen saving others while growing up had transformed into others saving her as an adult.  She had certain situations during her life where she needed the help of Civil Service Employees, and our beautiful communities. With their care and attention, they rescued Mystery Queen when she could not rescue herself.

With their guidance and help along the way, Mystery Queen has been given the chance at living a happy life again. Civil Service Employees and our incredible communities showed her the love, bond, care, and support she yearned for her entire life.

After completing her school studies in college, she has been fortunate in being the leader of a text study group, where sharing current progress in a recovery program was substantial. She also conducted small meetings each sunrise to discuss feelings, personal topics, as well as reading daily inspirations from various insightful books. She had the pleasure of volunteering at a shelter, in order to help people with their daily meals. In addition, she had the pleasure to be the director of a team building session, where every member participated in the enjoyable activity scheduled for that day.

With being a shaman, healer, and medium, intertwined with her forgiveness and compassion towards others, Mystery Queen comics are designed to create guidance and inspiration for children, parents, adults, Civil Service Employees, comic book fans, and anyone that loves the world of heroism.  The true stories within the pages of these comics are based on the real life superhero Mystery Queen, along with a new cast of characters.  Mystery Queen superhero shirts and products are about bringing hope and awareness to kids and adults that need support, courage, and compassion in their life.

When trying to cope with the after effects of traumatic events, Mystery Queen hopes that sharing her story within a comic book will gather everyone into feeling more like a bonding family tree, and guiding support system.

The Mystery Superhero Squad partnership is connected in the unimaginable true life story, complete with action packed adventure for the first release Volume 1 Issue 1. In addition, the introduction of Mystery Queen's secret partner Mystery King!

By wearing your very own Mystery Queen Club comics apparel and accessories, it symbolizes that you too are making a difference in this world.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.  Enjoy being an official member, and welcome to the club!

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Welcome to The Mystery Queen Club…